Sunday, June 19, 2011

Certificate Styles Through the Ages

I have started to determine the types of characteristics that are typical for Vintage Stocks and Bonds based on available online images.  Any suggestions are appreciated.
Printing technique
Border type and detail
Use of vignettes
Format layout
Qualities of paper, (e.g., blue tint, sheepskin, velum)
Combination of fonts including Copperplate and Black Text
Typical signatures and industries



  1. I had a couple of ideas. Was there a particular printer or publisher that was used during a particular period of time. Also, is there any way to determine the artists for the vignettes?

  2. Here is a list of characteristics :
    - Name of the organization
    - Alternative name (abbreviation, name in other language)
    - Type (e.g. Preferred shares of $100, 5% Gold bond of $1000)
    - Series
    - Place of issue : Country, State, Place
    - Place of activity : Country, State, Place (could be more than one)
    - Date issued
    - Date interval seen (e.g. 1914-1935)
    - Capital (share capital, loan capital)
    - Quantity issued
    - First date mentioned, Last date mentioned (sometimes necessary to distinguish to similar looking types)
    - Colors
    - Orientation (Portrait, Landscape or Square)
    - Size
    - Language (could be more than one)
    - Printing house
    - Paper type (vellum, silk-paper, paper)
    - Underprint description
    - Description of vignettes
    - Artist (design, engraver)
    - Presence, type and color of seal (e.g. embossed seal with ship, gold paper seal)
    - Catalogue entry number
    - Presence and description of watermark
    - rarity indication
    - condition indication

    Franky Leeuwerck